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Вся Британия теперь знает, как Баба Любка шликает в гримерке! А чего добился ты, #username?

Британский таблоид DailyStar написал о певице Любе Успенской

Singer, 65, admits she ‘masturbates regularly between shows to relax'

A singer, 65, has admitted she regularly masturbates to relax between shows. Lyubov Uspenskaya, a Russian singer, came out with the revelation during an interview.
She asked: “What is wrong with masturbation?”
Stilling singing at up to eight shows a month, she has been performing since 1979.
The Russian star also revealed she plans still plans to have children and is looking for a donor for IVF.
Uspenskaya insisted however that any potential dad’s must be “handsome, smart, talents and healthy”.

“There's no need to be coy about this. What is wrong with masturbation?,” Uspenskaya said.
"I believe we all know what it is, and that it really shouldn't surprise anyone.
"What else do you do when you have to travel all the time and need to relax somehow?
“I hope that everyone is able to relax while travelling for work."

Uspenskaya also recently advised young women to throw away their bras, suggesting: "If you have beautiful boobs, always abandon the bra.
"The most important thing is that your nipples are nice. They should be pink and erect.”

Tags: attention whore, старая блядь
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