moroz2000 (moroz2000) wrote in potsreotizm_new,

Ольгинские макаки в Фейсбуке

December is the month for retrospectives about the year’s most interesting news stories, and my nominee is the tale of the Russian Facebook advertisements, which burned across front pages a few months ago.

The ads in question were memes, manufactured and posted to a number of bluntly named, pseudo-American Facebook accounts in 2016 by workers at a troll farm in St Petersburg, Russia. There were thousands of these ads, it seems, plus parallel efforts on Instagram and Twitter. Between them, they reached over 100 million people.

The ads were clumsily written. They were rife with spelling errors and poor grammar. Their grasp of American history was awful.
Tags: лет ми спик фром май харт, лишняя хромосома
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